Britain's Best Autumn Walks

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Autumn isn't here yet, but its well on its way, and it won't be long before the leaves start to turn and the days begin to feel cooler. With that in mind, you might be thinking about taking a walk, because a lot of people love to get outdoors when it's cool outside. Whether you're looking for a few places to take a short stroll or whether you're more interested in taking a long hike, there are a lot of options for Britain's best autumn walks. Most of them are designed so that you'll have the maximum enjoyment out of the fall leaves, but flowering and blooming plants, woodland creatures, and the beauty of the landscape in general are all sights to behold. No matter where you live, there are great places where you can walk, and some are more beautiful than others but there are always lovely walks in any area. If you want to take some of the best autumn walks in Britain, here are the top twelve places to do so. These are some of the best areas because they have so much to offer in the way of trails and other areas:

·   Perthshire

·   Northumberland

·   Derbyshire

·   Ceredigion

·   Worcestershire

·   Northamptonshire

·   Gloucestershire

·   Hertfordshire

·   Buckinghamshire

·   London

·   Somerset

·   Cornwall

No matter which one of the above areas you live in or which one you've taken a holiday to, there are great places where you can walk and enjoy everything that the area has to offer. It's important that you pay attention to what each area can give you if you're taking a holiday, though, because you might want to see something in particular that you can only get in a certain area. If you take your holiday in a different area you could miss out on just what you're looking for in an autumn walk.

On the other hand, all of the areas have much to offer, so if you're just looking for a beautiful autumn walk you can get one in all sorts of places around Britain. That's a great option for people who want something to do for their holidays but don't have a lot of money to spend. They can camp and walk through nature and spend time together, and it will actually cost them very little. It's not necessary to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars and stay in high-priced hotels just so you can spend time with the people you care about and watch the leaves change. Instead, getting out closer to nature can make things much better for you and the friends and family members that you spend time with.

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Britain's Best Autumn Walks

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This article was published on 2010/03/27