Customizable Commercial Walk in Coolers for Your Store

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Globalization has brought about a radical change in the lifestyle of people around the world and the effect can be felt most in the accessibility of products. Now, fresh exotic fruits from as far as California are available in the arid regions of the gulf.

Transportation and storage facilities have also undergone changes to meet the growing demand. In this direction, commercial walk in coolers are a notable development. A walk in cooler, as the name suggests, is essentially a container with cooling facility and has become an important part of the food industry. There are majorly two types of Walk ins, namely a walk in cooler and a walk in freezer. Where as the first one cools the contents, the latter provides sub-zero temperatures and freezes the items inside. Walk in freezers are used mainly for storing big amounts of different types of meat, whereas walk in coolers are used for storing flowers or delicate fruits that require mild cooling. A combination can also be used according to specific needs.

All these cooling devices are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and are available in standard sizes. However, upon order, a custom made cooler can be built for customers.

The cooler cools using a condensing unit and an evaporating coil, where liquid gas is passed inside and then vaporized thereby causing a cooling effect.

While buying a walk in cooler, the basic questions that have to be considered are, how much storage space we need, and do we have pace with ventilation and drains to accommodate the cooler. Many companies now offer personalized services where representatives will inspect the space to offer and advice on the type of cooler that can be used and how to effectively reduce the operating cost.

Walk ins are generally made of prefabricated panels of aluminum, stainless steel or any other high density fiber and lined with urethane insulation. Another new material, G 90 galvanized, for the outer skin is inexpensive, high tensile strength and is resistant to corrosion and dents. Other major insulators are polyurethane and polystyrene.

The price of the walk in cooler completely depends on the size and the type of insulation chosen. On enquiry, a drawing of the walk in is made according to the specification of the client. After inspection, the final walk in is manufactured and installed. Major companies also offer warranty for the compressor and the coil that can be replaced later in case of faults.


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Customizable Commercial Walk in Coolers for Your Store

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Customizable Commercial Walk in Coolers for Your Store

This article was published on 2012/01/14