Health Benefits of Walking

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Why do we choose to walk for a healthy lifestyle? We know the "inner peace" walking bestows upon us as we walk outside and enjoy what nature gives to us. A nice stroll just makes us feel better. However, have you ever thought about walking as a health benefit? Going from a stroll and to an active walk for the purpose of making our bodies healthier is an international rave in exercise. They call it "Exercise Walking."

Have you stopped to realize the "healthy" benefits of walking just 30 minutes daily? After reviewing the list below, I would be surprised if you and I don't get up from our chair/sofa and look at the clock and say "for 30 minutes I'm going to go outside and walk."

I am aware that the majority of us have the thought that unless it is spring or fall, we can't walk outside because it is raining, is too hot, is too cold or its snowing. We must change our thoughts about weather determining our walking exercise. If the weather does not permit an outdoor walk, there are many walking DVD's available and you can walk inside your house. Your commitment to exercise walk in order to get a healthy body will encourage you to find ways of walking even in bad about a shopping mall for walking in bad weather? We are told to build our "dream board' of what we want in life. How about creating a piece of paper with the following reasons to walk in your purse or billfold and read it often? It will inspire you to get up, move and take a walk.

I will walk today because I want to:

· Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease
· Improve blood pressure and blood sugar levels
· Improve blood lipid profile
· Maintain body weight and lower the risk of obesity
· Enhance mental well being
· Reduce the risk of osteoporosis
· Reduce the risk of breast and colon cancer
· Reduce the risk of non insulin dependent (type 2) diabetes

Become a walker and enjoy the health benefits.

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Health Benefits of Walking

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This article was published on 2010/04/02