More Walking, Less Driving

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In today's society we always look for ways to do things fast.  It has to be done or we need to have it, and the time is now, now, now dangit.  It makes perfect sense, don't get me wrong.  But really, there are times where you should simply slow down to smell the roses. 

For example, if you live right down the street from the grocery store and you normally get in your car and drive the whole mile because you think it's more convenient, why not walk there?  I can understand if you have a whole load of things that you are purchasing where you would want a vehicle, but you if you only need to pick up a few things, then walk.

Look at this way, you get some time to be outside in the fresh air, you get exercise, and you never know what you may see.  You could probably even get your friend that is currently on the HCG diet and trying to lose weight to walk with you.  It could turn into a weekly ritual for the both of you.  It's also nice because you get a different perspective on things than you would while you are driving.

Or if you are fortunate enough to live close to your kid's school, why not consider walking them down the street instead of all piling in the car early in the morning.  You could avoid the traffic jam, spend some quality time with your kid/kids, and once again get some exercise.  Oh, and did I mention that you could save gas by doing this?  Then maybe you would have more money to do nice things such as purchase that gift basket you have been eyeing from Glendale flowers for your boss. 

The beauty of walking is that it's natural and our bodies crave to do it.  Believe me, after sitting behind a desk all day, my body knows when it's time to get up and take a break to wander outside and take a little walk.  Why deprive our bodies of what it wants and needs?  Get up and walk people; just do it!

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More Walking, Less Driving

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This article was published on 2010/03/26