Walk Makes You Much Slimmer

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1. Use a pedometer. These nifty gadgets will let you know how far you have walked in steps and miles. They will provide you motivation by spurring you to reach a specific aim and showing if you can reach it. And research shows that they work well. In a study of 510 people who wore a pedometer increased the amount of steps they took in a day. Often the pedometers hook onto your belt and are small and easy to use.

2. Shoot for 10000 steps one day. Do not let the amount scare you. Many people take walk about 5000 to 7000 steps everyday as they will amble to and from meetings, to the mailbox. In fact, the specialists who research these kind of things think 5000 steps a day a "sedentary lifestyle." If you can walk 10000 steps one day, you are considered "active", while you walk 12500 steps a day, you are "highly active." Then you can use your pedometer to know how many steps you can take in a day. Then you can increase that amount by no less than 200 steps on day until you reach 10000 to 12500 daily steps.

3. Let your entire family join your everyday walk. You will not only model a good fitness habit for your children, but you will also be able to supervise them while you walk rather than getting a sitter. If you kids walk too slowly, ask them to ride their bikes alongside you. To make everyone entertained, you can play your usual repertoire of long car trip games such as "I spy."

4. Once a week, finish your errands on foot. If you live within a mile of a convenience store, get start from your house. If you live in the middle of nowhere, drive within a mile of your destination, and walk the rest of the way there and back. You will be really surprised how much you can accomplish on foot, and much better, how many people you will meet along the way.

5. Make your walking posture much better. Proper posture will decease the discomfort when you are walking and let you burn more fat and calories. So when you get start next walk, you can following these standards:

Let your head straight with your eyes concentrated forward and shoulder relaxed easily. Do not let your shoulders slump forward.
Stand with your spine elongated and breastbone lifted. This will help your lungs fully expanded.
When you speed up, take the smaller and more frequent steps. This can protect your knees and can give your butt a good exercise.
Ensure your arms can swing freely.


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Walk Makes You Much Slimmer

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Walk Makes You Much Slimmer

This article was published on 2011/01/10