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Wolves are the ancestors of dogs and the first thing a pack of wolves does in the morning is go for a stroll. Ok, maybe they stretch a little first, and it isn’t really a stroll so much as purposeful wandering. The point is that dogs have the need to walk deep within their DNA. This goes for the biggest Mastiffs to the tiniest Chihuahuas and everything in between. And, yes, this means your precious Skittles needs a daily walk as well. Aside from the ancestral yearning, there are many modern reasons to get off the couch and walk skittles at least once every day.

Do it for Her Health…and Yours

Unless you are a hermit living in a cave, you have heard that Americans are not just overweight, but obese. Well, unfortunately, we have passed the bad behaviors on to our dogs. Dogs are now tipping the scales, and in some cases breaking them. Just like you, for optimal health, Skittles needs some exercise. Sure, you can lazily play fetch with her in the living room or backyard, but a walk is great for both of you. If you make a change from rarely walking her to walking her every day, you will be amazed by the change you see in her and in you.

Keep Her in Line

Do you ever come home to find that Skittles has dug through the bathroom garbage can to shred every tissue you used to blow your nose? Does she ferret out the most disgusting rotted food from the kitchen garbage or gnaw on the leg of the dining room table. These undesirable behaviors can often be reduced or totally eliminated with a walk (a little training can’t hurt). Skittles is bored and has more energy than she knows what to do with. Whereas a person who has a lot of energy might find something constructive to do, all Skittles knows how to do is destroy. If you are not walking her, start. If you are walking her just once a day, add a second walk and watch her nasty habits disappear.

Give her Mental Stimulation

People tend to forget that dogs get bored too, especially more intelligent breeds. The smarter the dog, the worse the destruction it can create when bored. Back to the ancestral wolves, they wander around throughout much of the day to find food, patrol their territory, and sniff out intruders. All of this is constant intellectual stimulation. Wolves use their noses, ears, and eyes and remain alert all day out of necessity. Little Skittles may not need to patrol or find food, but without the need she has a mental gap. What is she to do with all those brains and nothing to think about?

A walk is more than just a way to drain her energy and make her too tired to be fat or destructive. Skittles needs mental stimulation and on a walk she gets it. Just like wolves do, she uses her nose primarily, but also her eyes and ears to observe her surroundings and what she perceives as her territory. There are all kinds of toys and treats that you can buy her to keep Skittles busy in the house. But, there is no substitute for a stimulating walk.

Now that you know how important walking is for your buddy, it’s time to get out there with her. Start with a reasonable route and lengthen it as you both get more fit. Change it up from day to day to keep her interested. If she doesn’t walk well on the leash, consult with a trainer to learn some tricks for improving her walking behavior.


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Walk the Dog!

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This article was published on 2012/03/09